Palm Harbor Church of Christ

Continuous Prayer List

Ken (Karen’s friend) – Testing 

Diane Barger (Sims’ friend) – Chemo/low blood count

Brad R (John’s co-worker’s son) – Liver cancer/starting treatment

Amber W's mother – Breast cancer surgery May 4th

Bunkey Forbes (Sims') - Health issues/testing to evaluate

Michelle B (Bob Ordner's friend)(Sims') - Breast/ovarian cancer

Josh N – Leaving for Syria

Phil (Fred’s nephew) – Cancer

Erin P (Dawn’s co-worker) – Pregnancy

Kandis (Norm’s granddaughter) – Requests prayers

Linda and Barbara (Jordan’s aunts) – Recovering from hospital stays 

Jordan’s friend requests prayers for their family during this difficult time

Jim H – Treatment for pulmonary hypertension 

Angela M (Dawn’s secretary) – Many health issues

Betty (Daryl’s friend) – Hospice

Larry and Arlene (Karen’s friends) – Larry’s health 

Beverly B – Recovering from illnesses

Ruth W (member of Desert coC in Nevada) – Health

Pat R (Peach’s mom) – Cancer, chemo, disability

Jack S – Health and strength 

Doug W (Jim’s cousin) – Leukemia

Diane B (Sims’ friend) – Health issues/cancer

Jerry C – Coping from a stroke

Brenda K (Ethel’s daughter) – Health issues

Charlie (Dawn’s friend’s grandson) – Seizures

Lee (Peach’s friend) – Brain cancer, permanently on chemo

Mary N (Ethel’s daughter-in-law’s mom) – Medical issues

Bepe F (Darl's friend in WV) – Cancer treatments

Josh N – Serving in the military

Homer D (former member) – Lung cancer/partial lung removal

Teresa S, her children and grandchildren – Life struggles

Andrea B (Nancy’s granddaughter) – Parkinson’s, MS

Our children and the world that they are growing up in.

Military - Those deployed and serving around the globe as well as our Veteran's everywhere.