Palm Harbor Church of Christ

Continuous Prayer List

Sean S (George’s friend) – Out of remission/treatments

Jim H – Moved to #2 on the liver transplant list

Teresa S – Life struggles and for family members

Steve (Elaine’s (from Bible class) husband) – Heart monitoring/testing

Charlie K (Sims’ friend) – Mourning the passing of his sister

James and Esther Mc E (Dawn’s co-worker’s parents) – Health

Felicia B – For her family and the business

Will P (Sr’s cousin) – Return of stomach cancer  

Tom L (Dawn’s friend) – Cancer/in ICU, organs shutting down

Debby V (Karen’s sister) – Return of cancer and treatments

 Brent U (Norm’s friend) – Leukemia

Jerry F – Health

Missy T (Kathy’s sister-in-law) – Testing, possible cancer

Theresa M (Dawn’s sister’s friend) – Terminally ill

Alice B (Dawn’s friend’s mother-in-law) – Health issues

Leon (Pam’s granddaughter’s fiancé’s son) – Diagnosed with RFB

Jillian E – Life struggles

Tanya S (Ethel’s niece) – Adrenal cancer

Becca (Pam’s granddaughter) – Testing, awaiting results and pregnancy

Ethel’s brother’s son-in-law - ALS

The Benson Family (Sims’ friends) – Baby Noah with Klinefelter Syndrome

Bill W – Life struggles

Phil (Fred’s nephew) – Cancer, severe medical complications

Tom R – Life struggles

Linda G – Severe medical issues and cancer

Brad R (John’s co-worker’s son) – Liver cancer, undergoing treatments

Angela M (Dawn’s secretary) – Many health issues

Jack S – Health issues 

Selena M (Dawn’s co-worker) – Migraines

Friday S’s Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law – Health issues

Brenda K (Ethel’s daughter) – Health issues

Mary N (Ethel’s daughter-in-law’s mom) – Medical issues

Teresa S - her husband, children and grandchildren, aunt and friend, life struggles

Romeo C (Jerome’s friend) – Needs prayers/job stress/etc.

Gayle R (John’ co-worker) – Stage 3 lung cancer, dealing with son’s cancer

Jerome D – Help with raising daughter and everyday struggles

Andrea B (Nancy’s granddaughter) – Parkinson’s, MS

Dana C (Nancy’s nephew) – Health issues

Those mourning the passing of loved ones

Our children and the world that they are growing up in.

Military - Those deployed and serving around the globe as well as our Veteran's everywhere.